Maintain the security of data

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For Bartlett wealth, the security and development of the company’s business and financial transaction system user information is equally important. Internet banking as a new financial format is a combination of financial and Internet technology, the Internet is financial innovation provides a powerful technical support. Since the platform involves financial transactions, the site’s security technology becomes more important if the technology, however, will have a big impact on the financial security of the whole platform and normal operation.

“Our focus is on operation and maintenance of the server, and the server kept safe and stable operation, which involves the security of the entire system.” Halliday wealth researchers said.

Server maintenance includes two aspects, one is tightly controlled admin privileges, the second is to gradually improve the system security chain. First, the platform will not be without the user’s authorization to others, organization, information provided by third parties outside the scope of the law. Secondly, the platform through SSL encryption for communication data users involved in the operation is encrypted protection, to prevent user information from being stolen in the course of the operation. More importantly, Halliday wealth of background management authority for strict control to prevent non-related personnel management system into the background.

All along, the event hacking net loan platform have occurred, which requires platform has enough professional security system against unknown risks, to ensure the safety of investors’ money. “Halliday wealth of independent research and development of a stable system, supported by sound data errors early warning mechanism, to provide users with a more complete security chain.” Halliday wealth researchers indicated, Halliday wealth of Security very seriously, put great.

Facebook users increased by 13% in Africa

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Facebook strengthen the expansion plans on the African continent, the nine-month period ended in March this year, the company in South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya in general the number of users of the three African countries increased by 13%.

Facebook African heads of offices Knut? Nixinjila (Nunu Ntshingila) said that in the three countries, at least monthly Facebook users log in once added 4 million, bringing the total number of users increased to three countries 3550 million, of which the number of users to 16 million people in Nigeria. Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country.

Nixinjila to increase the number of Facebook users has played a leading role in Africa. He is a British communications group WPP’s Ogilvy & Mather (Ogilvy & Mather), former Chairman of Africa, joined Facebook a year ago, when Facebook set up an office in Johannesburg, South Africa.

In order to overcome the obstacles to Africa’s lack of high-speed network connections, Facebook began to promote the data required fewer products, such as lightweight Facebook Lite.

Online education leader is recognized

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At present, the well-known Internet companies around the wheat college talent, based on this, as the Internet giant, faced with a huge gap of cloud computing talent, big data talent, Alibaba decisive choice online education and IT leaders in the field of wheat reached a strategic cooperation INSTITUTE , the two sides committed to developing cloud computing and big data talent, at the same time, along with a study and experimentation related fields.

And as wheat College Personnel Training Camp Ali cloud will also use a steady stream of Ali cloud the majority of enterprises to transport all kinds of qualified technical personnel.

For this strategic cooperation, wheat Zhangling Hua Institute CEO, said: “In order to increase the domestic high-end big data and cloud computing training, so that students in the Academy of wheat to the leading big data and cloud computing technology also have access to the technology industry authority certification exam in order to achieve a better future job prospects and career development, it is this and our Ali cloud intention to cooperate fully. ”

Ali cloud Liu Song, general manager, said: “As the number one wheat INSTITUTE online IT business education by domestic Internet companies highly recognized, almost well-known Internet companies have wheat Academy student as an Internet company, we are very. pleased to have entered this partnership with the College of wheat, wheat also convinced Institute will deliver more technical personnel for the Ali Baba, combining teaching force wheat INSTITUTE online and offline, Alibaba future of cloud computing and big data technologies can be expected . “

Strategic layout of Internet+

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” ‘Internet +’ currently is just the beginning, in the future to help improve the lives of the people and all aspects, there will be more in-depth applications and services development, therefore, ‘Internet +’ focuses depends on ‘+’ What, all walks of life because this will be ‘+’ and produce high-speed fission. ”

Wang believes that the current “Internet +” just at the very early stage, there is a greater future markets to be excavated.

In fact, the US group as the Chinese public comment “Internet +” industry leader in service life, with impressive results achieved in the past few years have been sufficient as a leader in developing Internet load Chinese annals.

According to public information, public reviews of the US group business has covered more than 1200 cities, with nearly 600 million users, annual active buyers of nearly 200 million, more than three million business cooperation, Japan and more than 10 million single orders, total 2015 turnover of more than 170 billion yuan. Annual active buyer and order the number of transactions on the calculation of these two dimensions, the US group is worthy of public comment has been China’s largest electricity provider platform service life.

Platform has such a large group of users and businesses, orders, transactions and other data, more alarming is the growth rate continues to record brush, why Wang believes that China’s “Internet +” is just the beginning? US group Public comment is the industry leader, why did he not satisfied? Wang in the end what the next set of big chess?

Greatest enemy is lack of imagination

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Managing an annual income over 60 billion yuan of Chinese enterprises management as a high-speed operation of the machine, can not tolerate the slightest slack. How to make business vitality and live better? “Benchmarking” global thought leadership, or one to solve future problems valid path. “Benchmarking” Google, Facebook, LinkedIn forefront of these leading companies of the future judgment, Erie, chairman of Pangang Jian hold years of cross-border, cross-cultural “benchmark” tour this year in another practice. This size of the “benchmarking” approach is a domestic enterprise precedent, its purpose is to discover innovative international giants Where innovation gene, they explore how to create new value through innovation.

Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge, because knowledge is limited, whereas imagination summarize everything in the world, to promote the progress and evolution of the source of knowledge.” For businesses, the most important thing through continuous innovation to create markets, create value, and innovation depends on the imagination. So, the next most valuable is the imagination, the biggest enemy is lack of imagination.

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt • “Redefining the company,” pointed out: the future success of the enterprise, is a gathering of the creative elite group of smart (Smart Creative), to create the right atmosphere and support the environment, give full play to their creativity, perception quickly to customer needs, happily create the appropriate products and services. This means that the most important function of the future organization is changing.

Google employees are the company’s greatest asset, inspired by the imagination of employees, Google offers the most convenient and comprehensive services for customers worldwide. To protect this valuable “asset”, Google has always been committed to the service staff of the “all the time.” Two brothers Google Maps technology from Australia, one of them reluctant to leave Australia, in order to make him worry about their work, so Google is out there specifically for a research and development center opened.

And Google employees after “innovation canteen” dining together, Pan Gang felt “every detail of the scene regarded as employees look at their families.” In Pan Gang seems, Google for innovative talents, especially Chinese enterprises should learn from. Google global headquarters of those famous free service, not just to provide employee benefits, increase employee productivity, the purpose behind it is to increase brainstorming among employees.

Subscriber number lists the top 1 in jiangxi

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Reporters learned that Jin Fang Yuan serving platform formally launched in November 2014, in May 2016 the total turnover of breaking 700 million subscribers recently ranked first in Shaanxi. Evaluation of the industry, Fang Yuan Jin clothing to data drawn roadmap, showing the “dark horse industry” strong momentum, but the financial industry to pass out in Western Internet flourishing signal.

And socializing, shopping and other Internet users of different platforms, in addition to the registered user interaction gold account, the user will have between liquidity. Some analysts have pointed out that, in view of other platforms will take time to identify internet costs, gold mutual coincidence of users across platforms and not like Takeout, taxi APP industry so high, besides cyclical investment, your investment funds can not be used in the cycle . Thus, to some extent reflects the scale of the user platform development, in the short term is the core platform barriers.

From another perspective, gold mutual service users require more test customer service platforms. Reporters from Fang Yuan Jin served in a senior who was informed, Fang Yuan Jin served in addition to the multiple protection to investors money escort, for the optimization of investment experience, in addition to PC computer terminal, also launched APP clients, micro-channel end investment function, so users can vote anywhere heart. For borrowers end, Fang Yuan Jin car loan service mortgage loans small micro three-pronged approach to quickly and efficiently review, procedures simple and quick, flexible repayment, loan interest rates, and diverse way of security and other advantages, to meet the user a wide range of funds demand.

What implications are given to entrepreneurs?

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China Internet banking started from 2013, is a landmark product in June 2013 launched Alipay balance of treasure. Just six months, the balance of the amount of money treasure exceeded 18 million, Internet Banking with six months to achieve the traditional IMF years to complete sales, everyone saw the market potential of the Internet + finance. After the balance of treasure, a large number of P2P finance companies rush into the sky in an attempt to end use of funds than the balance of treasure higher annualized rate of Internet users in finance, in the eyes of most entrepreneurs, for quite some time, P2P is the Internet Finance synonym.

August 2013, served as tengxuncai product director of Xiaowen Jie founder staging music, and at that time most of the entrepreneurial team focused funds end different music stages toward the target asset side, and first in the country to the Internet consumer finance small and micro business model. In October 2013, to provide consumers with consumption staging staging music service on-line store, on-line time leading Jingdong IOUs nearly six months ahead of ants spend chant 18 months.

Gold industry has experienced two outbreaks mutual growth in the P2P financial field, multiple platforms mine explosion in e rent headed treasure, more than a Ponzi scheme after another foot platform, and do most of the regular finance P2P Internet companies suddenly discovery – if there is no real stability and high return Internet credit assets, high-yield P2P money can not be sustained, so a large part of the gold mutual funds finance companies from the end towards the development of the asset side.

By this time, Xiaowen Jie has led the music stage in the Internet consumer finance small and micro triumph. 2014, stage music to achieve 600 million turnover, by the end of 2015, Le staging annual turnover of up to 100 billion in a single month sales of $ 2 billion, became the fastest-breaking sales of billions of electronic business platform and vertical We took the lead segment share.

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