Subscriber number lists the top 1 in jiangxi

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Reporters learned that Jin Fang Yuan serving platform formally launched in November 2014, in May 2016 the total turnover of breaking 700 million subscribers recently ranked first in Shaanxi. Evaluation of the industry, Fang Yuan Jin clothing to data drawn roadmap, showing the “dark horse industry” strong momentum, but the financial industry to pass out in Western Internet flourishing signal.

And socializing, shopping and other Internet users of different platforms, in addition to the registered user interaction gold account, the user will have between liquidity. Some analysts have pointed out that, in view of other platforms will take time to identify internet costs, gold mutual coincidence of users across platforms and not like Takeout, taxi APP industry so high, besides cyclical investment, your investment funds can not be used in the cycle . Thus, to some extent reflects the scale of the user platform development, in the short term is the core platform barriers.

From another perspective, gold mutual service users require more test customer service platforms. Reporters from Fang Yuan Jin served in a senior who was informed, Fang Yuan Jin served in addition to the multiple protection to investors money escort, for the optimization of investment experience, in addition to PC computer terminal, also launched APP clients, micro-channel end investment function, so users can vote anywhere heart. For borrowers end, Fang Yuan Jin car loan service mortgage loans small micro three-pronged approach to quickly and efficiently review, procedures simple and quick, flexible repayment, loan interest rates, and diverse way of security and other advantages, to meet the user a wide range of funds demand.

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