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What implications are given to entrepreneurs?

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China Internet banking started from 2013, is a landmark product in June 2013 launched Alipay balance of treasure. Just six months, the balance of the amount of money treasure exceeded 18 million, Internet Banking with six months to achieve the traditional IMF years to complete sales, everyone saw the market potential of the Internet + finance. After the balance of treasure, a large number of P2P finance companies rush into the sky in an attempt to end use of funds than the balance of treasure higher annualized rate of Internet users in finance, in the eyes of most entrepreneurs, for quite some time, P2P is the Internet Finance synonym.

August 2013, served as tengxuncai product director of Xiaowen Jie founder staging music, and at that time most of the entrepreneurial team focused funds end different music stages toward the target asset side, and first in the country to the Internet consumer finance small and micro business model. In October 2013, to provide consumers with consumption staging staging music service on-line store, on-line time leading Jingdong IOUs nearly six months ahead of ants spend chant 18 months.

Gold industry has experienced two outbreaks mutual growth in the P2P financial field, multiple platforms mine explosion in e rent headed treasure, more than a Ponzi scheme after another foot platform, and do most of the regular finance P2P Internet companies suddenly discovery – if there is no real stability and high return Internet credit assets, high-yield P2P money can not be sustained, so a large part of the gold mutual funds finance companies from the end towards the development of the asset side.

By this time, Xiaowen Jie has led the music stage in the Internet consumer finance small and micro triumph. 2014, stage music to achieve 600 million turnover, by the end of 2015, Le staging annual turnover of up to 100 billion in a single month sales of $ 2 billion, became the fastest-breaking sales of billions of electronic business platform and vertical We took the lead segment share.

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