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Greatest enemy is lack of imagination

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Managing an annual income over 60 billion yuan of Chinese enterprises management as a high-speed operation of the machine, can not tolerate the slightest slack. How to make business vitality and live better? “Benchmarking” global thought leadership, or one to solve future problems valid path. “Benchmarking” Google, Facebook, LinkedIn forefront of these leading companies of the future judgment, Erie, chairman of Pangang Jian hold years of cross-border, cross-cultural “benchmark” tour this year in another practice. This size of the “benchmarking” approach is a domestic enterprise precedent, its purpose is to discover innovative international giants Where innovation gene, they explore how to create new value through innovation.

Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge, because knowledge is limited, whereas imagination summarize everything in the world, to promote the progress and evolution of the source of knowledge.” For businesses, the most important thing through continuous innovation to create markets, create value, and innovation depends on the imagination. So, the next most valuable is the imagination, the biggest enemy is lack of imagination.

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt • “Redefining the company,” pointed out: the future success of the enterprise, is a gathering of the creative elite group of smart (Smart Creative), to create the right atmosphere and support the environment, give full play to their creativity, perception quickly to customer needs, happily create the appropriate products and services. This means that the most important function of the future organization is changing.

Google employees are the company’s greatest asset, inspired by the imagination of employees, Google offers the most convenient and comprehensive services for customers worldwide. To protect this valuable “asset”, Google has always been committed to the service staff of the “all the time.” Two brothers Google Maps technology from Australia, one of them reluctant to leave Australia, in order to make him worry about their work, so Google is out there specifically for a research and development center opened.

And Google employees after “innovation canteen” dining together, Pan Gang felt “every detail of the scene regarded as employees look at their families.” In Pan Gang seems, Google for innovative talents, especially Chinese enterprises should learn from. Google global headquarters of those famous free service, not just to provide employee benefits, increase employee productivity, the purpose behind it is to increase brainstorming among employees.

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