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Strategic layout of Internet+

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” ‘Internet +’ currently is just the beginning, in the future to help improve the lives of the people and all aspects, there will be more in-depth applications and services development, therefore, ‘Internet +’ focuses depends on ‘+’ What, all walks of life because this will be ‘+’ and produce high-speed fission. ”

Wang believes that the current “Internet +” just at the very early stage, there is a greater future markets to be excavated.

In fact, the US group as the Chinese public comment “Internet +” industry leader in service life, with impressive results achieved in the past few years have been sufficient as a leader in developing Internet load Chinese annals.

According to public information, public reviews of the US group business has covered more than 1200 cities, with nearly 600 million users, annual active buyers of nearly 200 million, more than three million business cooperation, Japan and more than 10 million single orders, total 2015 turnover of more than 170 billion yuan. Annual active buyer and order the number of transactions on the calculation of these two dimensions, the US group is worthy of public comment has been China’s largest electricity provider platform service life.

Platform has such a large group of users and businesses, orders, transactions and other data, more alarming is the growth rate continues to record brush, why Wang believes that China’s “Internet +” is just the beginning? US group Public comment is the industry leader, why did he not satisfied? Wang in the end what the next set of big chess?

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