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Online education leader is recognized

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At present, the well-known Internet companies around the wheat college talent, based on this, as the Internet giant, faced with a huge gap of cloud computing talent, big data talent, Alibaba decisive choice online education and IT leaders in the field of wheat reached a strategic cooperation INSTITUTE , the two sides committed to developing cloud computing and big data talent, at the same time, along with a study and experimentation related fields.

And as wheat College Personnel Training Camp Ali cloud will also use a steady stream of Ali cloud the majority of enterprises to transport all kinds of qualified technical personnel.

For this strategic cooperation, wheat Zhangling Hua Institute CEO, said: “In order to increase the domestic high-end big data and cloud computing training, so that students in the Academy of wheat to the leading big data and cloud computing technology also have access to the technology industry authority certification exam in order to achieve a better future job prospects and career development, it is this and our Ali cloud intention to cooperate fully. ”

Ali cloud Liu Song, general manager, said: “As the number one wheat INSTITUTE online IT business education by domestic Internet companies highly recognized, almost well-known Internet companies have wheat Academy student as an Internet company, we are very. pleased to have entered this partnership with the College of wheat, wheat also convinced Institute will deliver more technical personnel for the Ali Baba, combining teaching force wheat INSTITUTE online and offline, Alibaba future of cloud computing and big data technologies can be expected . “

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