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Maintain the security of data

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For Bartlett wealth, the security and development of the company’s business and financial transaction system user information is equally important. Internet banking as a new financial format is a combination of financial and Internet technology, the Internet is financial innovation provides a powerful technical support. Since the platform involves financial transactions, the site’s security technology becomes more important if the technology, however, will have a big impact on the financial security of the whole platform and normal operation.

“Our focus is on operation and maintenance of the server, and the server kept safe and stable operation, which involves the security of the entire system.” Halliday wealth researchers said.

Server maintenance includes two aspects, one is tightly controlled admin privileges, the second is to gradually improve the system security chain. First, the platform will not be without the user’s authorization to others, organization, information provided by third parties outside the scope of the law. Secondly, the platform through SSL encryption for communication data users involved in the operation is encrypted protection, to prevent user information from being stolen in the course of the operation. More importantly, Halliday wealth of background management authority for strict control to prevent non-related personnel management system into the background.

All along, the event hacking net loan platform have occurred, which requires platform has enough professional security system against unknown risks, to ensure the safety of investors’ money. “Halliday wealth of independent research and development of a stable system, supported by sound data errors early warning mechanism, to provide users with a more complete security chain.” Halliday wealth researchers indicated, Halliday wealth of Security very seriously, put great.

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